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Dr Henry Chen

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Dr Henry Chen


45 years of experience

Dr Henry Chen graduated in 1983 from the Philip Institute of Technology (now RMIT) in Chiropractic Science and has worked as a clinician ever since. In 1990 he completed a graduate diploma in Acupuncture at the Australian Institute of Functional Medicine. He went on to do a PhD in Sports Medicine in Shanghai. 


In 2002 he went to Shanghai and established the first chiropractic and osteopathic clinic. In addition, he directed multidisciplinary clinics in the Rehabilitation Medicine department of four hospitals.


Dr Henry Chen is particularly interested in Sports rehabilitation and is highly experienced in knee and foot injuries. He uses the Gonstead method of chiropractic and can draw on his 45 years of experience treating patients to help you. Many of his patients have been unable to find relief with chiropractic treatment in the past but get great results under his care. 


Dr Henry Chen believes the nervous system controls and coordinates all body functions, and any interference can lead to various health problems.

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