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Dr Ivor Quigley

Ivor Quigley Headshot.jpg

Dr Ivor Quigley

Chiropractic Care

25 years of experience

Dr Ivor Quigley completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT. He has been helping patients with many conditions and backgrounds for over 25 years.

Dr Ivor Quigley is a qualified Kung Fu instructor. In addition, he has advanced training in meditation, practical philosophy, breath work and Qi Gong (a method of moving energy through your body). He combines this knowledge and experience to teach people how to work with energy to create positive outcomes. 

In 2002 he received recognition for his significant and heartfelt contribution to the Lighthouse Foundation. Dr Ivor worked with the healing and adjusting of much less fortunate children who had been homeless and being cared for.

The first step is to have a spinal and neuromuscular pattern examination to provide a tailored approach to care. Discovering the underlying cause is essential to creating a positive outcome with treatment. For example, the accumulative effects of built-up emotional and mental stress can manifest as physical pain in the body.

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