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Jean Smole

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Jean Smole


28 years of experience

Jean Sloane is a highly skilled massage therapist passionate about sports, body movement, and holistic wellness. Jean brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice, having completed his Diploma in Remedial Massage and Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy.


Jean's journey in massage therapy has been shaped by his love for sports and body movement. He previously worked alongside physiotherapists at the Port Melbourne Soccer Club, where he honed his massage techniques and gained a deeper understanding of sports and kinesiology taping. This invaluable experience allowed him to develop a comprehensive approach to remedial massage treatments, incorporating Western and Eastern medicine philosophies. Jean believes in viewing the body holistically, considering the connection between physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Before settling in Melbourne in 2019, Jean embarked on a remarkable journey worldwide, practising and teaching yoga in diverse locations such as Slovenia, India and luxury retreats. With a strong background in yoga, Jean is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with extensive training. He completed a 200-hour RYT program at AGNI YOGA. He enhanced his expertise with a 300-hour RYT program at the esteemed Shiva Tattva School in Rishikesh, India. Jean's passion for yoga led him to serve as a senior yoga teacher at the San Flaviano Abundance yoga retreat and the Mahi-Mahi Surf resort in Indonesia, sharing his knowledge and inspiring others on their yogic journey.


Jean's dedication to physical fitness and body movement extends beyond yoga. He has discovered a love and passion for handstands, arm balances, callisthenics, and body movement. His strength, agility, and commitment to practice have shown him the incredible capabilities of the human body. Jean is passionate about encouraging others to step out of their comfort zones and overcome fear to unlock their full potential in yoga practice and daily life. He firmly believes in the power of each individual to accomplish amazing things. He aims to inspire and empower others on their personal growth journeys.


In addition to his expertise in massage therapy and yoga, Jean has had the privilege of working with renowned sports teams. He served as a Sports Therapist for the Sydney Swans AFL Team, gaining invaluable experience providing top-notch care to elite athletes. Currently, Jean works regularly with the Melbourne Rebels and Melbourne Storms Rugby Teams, where he continues to contribute his expertise and enhance the performance and well-being of the athletes.

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