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One of the most common injuries a person will have is a complication with their back. In many cases, with the popularity of back pain, people assume it is normal and deal with it the best way they know possible. People who understand the human body know that back pain is not something you should live with. A visit with a chiropractor can help in more ways than one, as it makes you feel better and allows you to get back to the activities you like doing most. The following tips from the chiropractors at Move Well Health are intended to help your back pain.


A lot of people need better technique while lifting heavy objects. This leads to strains and sprains, so using the correct lifting technique is essential. The legs should do most of the work, no matter what you lift. The back should be straight, but we use our legs less when tired. This can lead to back injuries as the back has to do more work than the legs. While lifting a heavy object, you should turn your feet to face the proper direction instead of twisting.


Nutrition is not often associated with thinking about a healthy spine. Staying hydrated along with eating healthy prevents weight around your midsection. When individuals carry extra weight on their stomachs, the lower back muscles must pull all day due to the imbalance created. If you are overweight and have back pain, it would be a good idea to evaluate your diet to reduce the strain on your back.


Exercise is essential for your back and many other areas in your life. Exercising can injure your back if you do not practice the correct form. A warm-up and a cool-down are important to a workout to keep your muscles supple. It is advised to avoid jumping straight into a workout while your muscles are tight and cold.


Nowadays, people are in a seated position more than ever. Occupations that demand an employee to sit can take a toll on the body over the years. The human body is made to be moving, and the discs are compressed in your spine when seated. It is not realistic to constantly switch jobs, but one can get up and walk around once an hour to stretch out. If you want to hear more tips to help your back pain, call the team at Move Well Health in Albert Park.

At Move Well Health, our team is here to assist you with all your chiropractic needs. Please feel free to call and ask questions. We are delighted to speak with you.


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